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Teaching is a Work of Heart Mug

Embrace the passion of education with our ‘Teaching is a Work of Heart’ Mug. A timeless tribute to teachers, featuring a big, juicy red apple as a symbol of gratitude and love.



Introducing the ‘Teaching is a Work of Heart’ Mug, a heartfelt acknowledgment of the dedication, love, and tireless effort that teachers invest in shaping the future. This mug isn’t just for enjoying your morning coffee or unwinding with evening tea; it’s a daily reminder of the profound impact and emotional investment inherent in the teaching profession. Featuring the poignant message ‘Teaching is a work of heart’ and adorned with a vibrant, juicy red apple at its centre, it perfectly captures the essence of teaching as a labour of love. The red apple, a traditional symbol of appreciation for educators, adds a touch of timeless charm and gratitude to the mug, reinforcing the respect and admiration society holds for those in this noble profession. Designed for the educators who pour their hearts into their work, creating nurturing environments for learning and growth, this mug serves as a testament to the joy, challenges, and rewards of being a teacher. Whether it’s a personal purchase to remind you of your invaluable role, a thoughtful gift for a colleague who embodies the spirit of teaching, or a way to show appreciation for a teacher who has made a difference, the ‘Teaching is a Work of Heart’ Mug is more than just drinkware. It’s a celebration of the passion, the commitment, and the heartfelt dedication that teachers bring to their classrooms every day. Let every sip from this beautifully designed mug inspire a renewed sense of purpose, a moment of reflection, and a deep appreciation for the work of heart that is teaching.

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