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New Dad / Daddy Est. 2024

Cheers to the new dad! 🎉 Our “Dad Est. 2024” mug is the ultimate tribute to fatherhood. Adorned with two entwined red hearts, this 11oz ceramic beauty is perfect for celebrating the joy of becoming a dad. Choose “Dad” or go for the extra endearing “Daddy” option. It’s not just a mug; it’s a daily reminder of the incredible journey ahead.



Embrace the adventure of fatherhood with our “Dad Est. 2024” ceramic mug. This 11oz masterpiece is more than just a vessel for your favourite brew; it’s a tangible symbol of the journey you’ve embarked upon. The design features “Dad Est. 2024” accompanied by two entwined red hearts, a visual representation of the love and connection that comes with being a dad.

What sets this mug apart is the personal touch – you have the choice to make it uniquely yours. Opt for the classic “Dad” or add an extra layer of endearment with the “Daddy” option. It’s all about making the experience yours.

Imagine starting your day with a sip from this mug, feeling the warmth not just from your favourite beverage but from the love encapsulated in the design. It’s a perfect gift for new dads, a daily affirmation of the incredible role they play in their little one’s life.

So, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or winding down with an evening tea, let this mug be a constant companion on your journey through fatherhood. Choose your title, feel the love, and relish in the moments that make being a dad so extraordinary.

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Dad, Daddy


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